Pattern Review, McCall’s Easy Stitch N Save M9256

I just stitched up this pattern last night. I made the dog coat D. I have to say that the name of this pattern company “Easy Stitch N Save” is true for this pattern. It was easy. I would recommend it for a beginner or intermediate sewer.  So here is the picture of the pattern. Its for small to 5X large dogs! The main body of this coat is one piece, the belt is 2 pieces. Just pick 2 contrasting materials and go for it. And pretty binding will fancy it up as well. I was thinking when I make another one I will embellish it a bit more.

This is the color I picked out of my stash. A medium denim material.

The lining I used a muslin material. Just plain.

I had this purple binding tape in my stash. It probably is old. lol. But it worked pretty well. Next time I would use a wider binding until I get the hang of putting binding on items like this. But it did finish it off nicely.

The finished coat. I need to go and get Velcro so my dog can wear it. I had it on him for a bit with the stick on velcro but it did not last long. Thus that is why there is wrinkles. lol.


So that is that. Pretty easy. It does not take much material and you can make a costume coat for your dog for less than buying one in a store.  The pattern was only 4.97 at Walmart.


Want to see a video review. Check me out here on You tube   

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