Cooking for two or one series.

I had a little thought just now while making dinner for my husband. What about little series about cooking small meals for one or two or two or one. After all it’s a bit of an adjustment from cooking for a family of 3 to a family of 2.

Lately we have become empty nesters. My daughter moved out more or less. She lives with her boyfriend up the road and has moved the essentials into his house. A lot of her things are still here just in case this does not work out. So here we are just my  husband and I. I find that most nights I do not care to have a dinner. A small sandwich, popcorn or something like that will fill me just fine. And I am working on trying to lose some weight so I really do not care to add additional calories in the evening meal. I eat a small breakfast and lunch at work so I mostly fill up during the day anyways. And this brings me to my point of still having to make my husband dinner. And sometimes me dinner if I am hungry for something. IMG_20160229_181254

Todays dinner. Spaghetti!  This is about as easy as it gets. Cook enough pasta for one. And I buy the jars of  sauce. So I just pour enough sauce in a paper bowl and heat up in the microwave. Pour over the spaghetti noodles and top with a bit of cheese! Yummy and it looks pretty too. Hubby had no complaints either. Clean up is easy as well. Just one pot to clean and a fork and the strainer. I put this meal on a paper plate as well so no clean up there either. It took about 5 mins over all to make this.

What is great about this is that you can add garlic toast. I did not have any. But when I have some in the freezer I just take out a few pieces and cook them and save the rest for later. I am finding also that my grocery bill is much less and we require less food in the house since we both work.

Check back for more small meals for two or one in the house.







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