Pet’s and some random thoughts

These two are my pets. Bill Dog and Buster Cat. They do not lay like this together at all. But one cold winter day I was able to put Buster next to Bill and they stayed that way long enough for me to get a photo. lol. But really they are the best of friends as long as they mind each others space.

As I type here Buster Cat is laying beside me. We are waiting for my hubby to come home so me and him can go to dinner. At this time of year during lent there are a lot of fish fry’s in our area and it’s nice to be able to get to a few when we can.  We all was talking at work about who has the best fish sandwiches in the area.  Pretty much they all are good in my opinion. 

I have been thinking about getting back to selling on Ebay. I quit for a time because I was not doing so hot, Ebay rules have changed a good bit and I got lost in all the confusion as it was. Plus I got tired of “stuff” taking up room in my house. But I kind of miss it and life has changed a good bit for me lately and I have done a little homework about how to sell these days and I’m ready to tip my toe into the Ebay waters again. I want to try posting my thrift hauls on here to show you all what I have found as well.

I also want to open my Etsy shop and list some of the jewelry I have been making.  Problem with having fun making your own jewelry and for a person who does not wear much of it you find you got more than you need and need to send off the loved projects to someone who will love to wear it. So another plan into action.

I used to coupon and have not been doing it much lately. Various of reason why. But it takes up much time, I have to be somewhat organized and I have found that I do not really need to stockpile stuff as much as I once did. There is only 2 of us here not and we do not use that much stuff in the way of groceries and toiletries. I have been shopping at Aldi’s lately and do as well there as I do hopping from one store to another looking for the best deal.  I never or rarely pay full price for anything as it is. So I figure I will save more time not having to clip and sort coupons and I will free up a little space and sanity by not saving up coupons. There are just more important things in life than shopping all the time to stock up items you may or may not need now or in the future. Life is just too short to go there. I would rather shop thrift stores, garage sales, and places like that to find something a little more interesting.

I found a box today that was stashed away since Christmas. I looked in it and thought wow how did I not miss this stuff? Then I thought what if I just tossed it all away? hmmm. I might just do that.

My hubby is home from work so I must go now. Have a wonderful evening.


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