Hamburger, George Foreman, Kumihimo, UTZ and Poise. Reviews!

I was thinking about what I could write about today. After all blogging is new to me and coming up with good things to write about is not always easy. So I looked around and decided to write about a few things that I like, tried and learned this weekend. I am not being paid to review these items. They are simply things I like to use or I am trying out today. So you can try them yourself.

1025151712a This George Foreman grill is a favorite little appliance of mine. It cooks up food quick and easy and it’s easy to clean as well. With only 3 of us living here I do not need a big pan to cook most foods. I just pulled this guy out again this last week.  We have been in the mood for those comfort type foods now that fall has settled in. Today I made this delicious hamburger on my little grill.

1025151722Bacon cheese burger. Just a ground beef patty from walmart, bacon, cheese and a white hamburger bun! Which is my most favorite today. At my job we have to serve whole wheat buns and breads and they are just not the same at all. Just cant get used to it. Sometimes it’s ok but there are days I need the real thing. Yummy!

1025151712 I love puffed corn. I found this UTZ brand at Dollar General a few weeks ago. Its 1.00 for this bag. The corn is very cheesy. And the bag is just big enough to satisfy that little craving I get for this from time to time. And for only 1.00 is a yummy not healthy but tasty snack.

1024151700I learned a new braid this weekend! Its not really a true kumihimo braid. Its called a Laramine Braid. Its more like a the old time wheat braiding technique back in the day. That is what our teacher told us. She is pretty informative about this kind of stuff. And I love how she finds inspiration in unusual places to make these braids. My bracelet is black,green and purple. Perfect for Halloween. I loved this braid so much that I am going to make more.

1025151713Ok girls here is a review on a fairly new product. Its not something we girls like to discuss. Bladder leakage. Uggg. It pops up if you sneeze, cough, jump, run, pick up something heavy just any time. Poise had created this bladder support thing. I decided to try it today. So I am here testing this out right out of the package. This as you can see is the sizing kit. You get 2 of each size. The directions say to start with size 1 and check to see if its working. If not go up a size and so on. Read the directions. It mentions this is not for all bladder leakages. It has a few side effects that are possible as well so read about them. I started with the 1st support, read how to insert it. The device is easy enough to use, just like inserting a tampon. I do notice a very sight discomfort. But I do have an object up my person that never was there before. Its not so bothersome that I feel I can get used to it after awhile. I tested this a little bit. I jumped and notice no sense of leakage, I even had to sneeze and did not feel any wetness. I can pee with this in. I have a large McDonald’s sweet tea I am sipping on so my bladder is pretty full. I feel dry. And notice no pain so far. My next test will be at work tomorrow and going to the gym. If I can get through the day then I will likely will purchase these. They are 13.00 and some change. Way more than what I would spend on myself. But if these guys will keep me dry and I do not have to wear a pad its going to be worth the money. I will do a follow up review in a few week to let you know how I liked them and if they worked for me or not.

I was working on a stuffed elephant in my last post. I am still working on him a little. I messed up a few things and have to make adjustments or I may have to start over again. This is what happens when you do not do something for awhile like sewing you forget the small things.

See you in a few day. Have a wonderful week.


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