Life Distractions

Life has many distractions. Work, family, health, hobbies, just being tired and having no energy to do those things you want to get done. That is pretty much how my week went. Work was crazy if it went wrong it did and it did not end at one day it happen all week. Part of it is because of my health. Or more like that time of the month. I swear on that day when it happens my brain cells decide to stay home. My body should’ve too.  The I was tired. Then before I know it the day is done and I’m heading to bed.

I am almost finished with the black and gold necklace I was working on. I am waiting for the clasps to come so I can finish it and show it to you!

I had to make housework a priority this week. Just have to do that sometimes. The home is not perfect but more manageable again. My messy bedroom is less messy and I am glad I got to put my Dollar General bed spread!! I need to take a photo for you to see. I got this over the summer for 11.00. For the curtains I used the shower curtains that match the bedspread!  The holes of the shower curtain fit right over the curtain rod. Its not a high end look. But if you are on a budget and need to makeover your bedroom or your kids you can not beat a good sale at Dollar General. And the quality is not too bad either. I did pick up rugs as well that I use in other area’s of my house. Good thing I like blue. lol.

Here is a good group to find good deals at Dollar General.

You can not beat the Krazy Coupon Ladies for good deals.

Here is some examples of what Dollar General offers for Bedroom things.

Now I know its not top of the line stuff. But if you are living in a tight budget and need new sheets, or bedspread or pillow even you can find decent quality stuff here. And if you wait for a good sale and Dollar General has them often then you can save so much more.


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