Book Review. Power Play by Penny Jordan

I just got done reading Power Play by Penny Jordan. If you click on the name you can find it on Amazon.

Power Play is one of those books that start out telling one story and slowly evolves into the next lives of the people in the book. From a young girl who was an orphan, a young man also an orphan whose love was found because of a horrific crime. It has a lot of up and downs and the climax was very intense. Its that moment in time when you did not know who was going to live or die then you realize who is going to die then you are not sure  if the other person will live as well then bam it all done and over with with an ending so sweet and happy that you wish you could follow these two even further into their lives.

I need to start another book. It going to be hard to beat this one that is for sure. When I am done I will let you know how it turns out.


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