Vintage Earrings into Stylish Rings.

These cute rings are made from Vintage earrings. Someone gave me  a box of old vintage costume jewelry and there was some miss matched earrings in the bunch. I made them into cute rings. They are easy to make and fun to wear.
Here is how you can make some for yourself.
Heavy Duty Glue. I like E6000
Old Earrings.
Ring Base. I got these at Michaels Craft Store.
Pliers or Cutters to get the backs of the earrings off.
First you want to take your pliers and get the backs off the earrings. Try to get as much off so that the backs are as flat or close to it.
If your ring base has prongs like mine did you will need to remove those as well.
Glue the earring on top of your ring base. You may have to prop it up like this.
 Just enough so that the base does not slide off the earring.
Leave them alone for a few hours and you will have fun cute one of a kind rings to wear!
These can make for cute gifts as well.

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