Recycled Coasters into a Halloween wall hanging.

This little wall hanging is made out of drink coasters. I recycled them into a wall hanging. This will be sent to a swap partner. I just love it and I am going to have a hard time letting it go. 
What I did was take 4 drink coasters, paint, scrap book supplies, stamps, ribbon, distress paint and glue. 
Paint the coasters black and grey. I like to mix the paint around to make streaks, gradients and uneven looks to the back ground. After that is dry I stamped with a spiderweb stamp in bright green on the back ground. Then decoupaged the papers on top of that. These was from a booklet of holiday images. They worked perfect on this. Once that was dry I stamped more spiderwebs in green. Then added a silver distress paint that crackles on top of that. The overall look is so awesome. The top coaster is simply a frame that said Happy Halloween on it. It was a cheap sticker from the dollar store. The cat is just a simple sticker. The distress paint made it look old and it went with the other images pretty well I think. The skull guy at the top is from the dollar store and painted with more distress paint. And the ribbon is again a dollar store item. Its nice ribbon with wire in it. I was surprised how nice it was. And on back of the coasters I glued down scrap book paper to finish it off. 
This is a fun easy project. You can even do it with older children in any theme for a fun decoration for their room. 
What is better yet is you can recycle, use up some craft supplies and get a fun new decoration for your home. 


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