Recycled bottles into Incense burners.

From time to time I like to burn incense. It smells good and when I get the house all nice and clean and I settle down for the day I like watching the smoke flow around giving the room a aroma of sweet flowers or whatever I pick for the day.  My favorite incense are the homemade ones. Just seems like the fragrance last longer and smell pretty much the same once it’s burn as it does on the stick.  But I found that at Five Below they have some good incense sticks as well and works when I do not get to my favorite festivals to stock up on the homemade ones.

If you burn incense you know how messy it can be. You have a choice of a small ash catcher that sits on your table and when you burn a few sticks you have a small ash mess on your table.

I came across the bottle idea earlier this year at a show. My daughter and I was enjoying going through the incense sticks when I spied some interesting looking bottles. The
woman told me someone made them and she was selling them for her. Me being someone who is crafty took a good look at it and decided I can make my own and make it a little better!

This is the red one I created. Simple enough. I found that spray paint sticks best to the bottle. And it splatters well too for a neat effect. The incense stick holder is some steel wire bent into a shape so that it sits on top of the bottle and is also useful and decorative. 

The holes at the bottom of the bottle let the smoke out and gives some air into the bottle also.  
These keep the ash inside the bottle and off your table. You can clean them out with just running water through them. 
Here is another bottle I made. Silver and black. 
You can find these in my Etsy shop. Dlstein designs. I am working on getting this shop up and running again. I am working on improving some things and adding a variety of things to this shop. 
Happy Sunday everyone. 


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