It was a Pringles can.

It’s done. I love repurposing things that might normally get tossed out. I have seen lots of Pringles cans made over on Pinterest. And lots of altered art projects use old maps. I had old maps, a old childs bird book and a bit of lace and a small bird from the dollar store. 

I made the bird a little nest out of lace. 

Birds all over this can over the map. 
The materials I used was: 
An Old map
Old Childs book
Americana Decoupage. By Deco Art. It was a little less expensive than Mod Podge and I get the same results. 
Distress Crackle Paint by Ranger. I really love this product. It is so easy to use and the effect is great. 
LA Colors shimmering eye shadow. Found at the Dollar Tree! I just sprinkle this over and rub it into my project. It gives a nice shimmer effect. Then put on last layer of Decoupage glue over it to seal it in. 
The lid on the can works so this can be used to store pencils, paint brushes or anything that is not wet. 
I am going to send this to a person in my swap group. It will be a surprise. 🙂  


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