Art work in progress

I joined a altered swap group some time ago. Its so much fun to swap small art projects with other artists. Its very inspiring, we learn new techniques from each other, and each month its great to get something in the mail other than a bill.

My art work in progress is a few things I started a few days ago. The theme for the next swaps is Halloween. I signed up for a few swaps. I want to get them done now so I do not miss the deadline like I did last month. If you join up for a swap group do not miss the deadline. No only does your partner get their swaps late. It puts you behind if you plan on working on the next months swap as well.

One project you will see below is a pringles can I am altering. Its a late project. Thankfully its RAK so that person does not know they are getting it yet. Still I hate to be late.

This is a future fair entry I hope. Its a pillow case. I am not sure if it’s a vintage pattern or not. I picked this up off of freecycle. The lady was cleaning out and found this and another pillow case. So why not. It will keep my fingers busy as I watch TV shows with my husband. 

This mermaid was so much fun to create. I am not finished with her here. I need to fix her hair yet. I just layered paint, then the fin I used the netting as a stencil to look like scales. And then I used the netting since it was all painted up to look like a fish net. 
She is all done here. Hair looks like it has been laying in the sea, the little octopus is as dead as the mermaid. Poor girl got caught up in the net and was left to die at the bottom of the sea. All that is left is her skelton.  All her beautiful features lost forever. 
This is a tombstone. I am not sure what I am going to do to this yet. Its small made of chipboard.  A dream to paint. But who’s name will be on it?? I am not sure if it will be the name of my swap partner or some unknown person. It will come to me in due time. 

These are coasters that will be a spooky wall hanging!  The great thing about this is that I can hit the dollar store for cool things to put on this, use paper techniques too. The sky’s the limit!  There will be 4 panels and I will connect them with some kind of ribbon. Best thing about this is  that I have more of these coasters and I’ll be working up one for myself as well. 🙂 

The old recycled pringles can. This is as far as  I got so far. I am thinking I will put butterflies on it. And some wording. I am sending it to a teacher. I thought she can use it to store stuff in her classroom or home. 
Why so many projects at once?? I had the paint out and I work up back ground fast so why not do more than one thing while you making a mess. The can I have to finish so I just added it to the art table. And I get bored watching shows my husband watches. So I like to have something I can work on while relaxing in the living room on the couch. This is how it goes until one day I get my own craft room equip with a TV and a Couch.  
Hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend and was able to craft, cook or just relax. 


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