Banana Dolphins!

I work as a lunch lady and this year I decided that I want to make our fruits and veggies look a little bit more fun. Today I made these dolphins out of banana’s. They look like they are holding a ball which is a grape. These was so easy to make just a slice on the end and then draw an eye on the outside. The kids liked them! Although some did not see that they look like dolphins. But it was still fun because there was a grape in the banana. lol. I can not wait to try out some other things I been seeing. Like a lady bug in the salad. Its just two tomato slices and an olive for the head and a slice of celery for antennas. Also healthy candy corn. Just pineapple bits with a layer of mandarin oranges topped with a little whipped topping! Fun and yummy.  
When we are in the position to try to get the kids to try new things we have to get creative. Plus it makes lunch so much more fun for the kids who are buying lunch. More fun for us because they are excited to try these things out and not realizing they are having something healthy. 
What is for your lunch today? 


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