End of summer! Welcome Fall.

Summer has officially come to an end for me.  The county fair has come and went and it’s all done and cleaned up now. I got my entries back. Sadly this year I did now win any ribbons. But that is Ok because I can start planning and making stuff or next year.

This time of year always feel like a time I can make fresh goals and new dreams. The lazy days of summer when you can just relax and enjoy the sun, vacation a little and visit with family and friends. But fall is a time when it cools down and you can think of the holidays, get back to work, plan on staying in more. Something about hot tea, cocoa and fresh bake goods and hot soups and stews is so refreshing.

My summer was kind of dull and boring. We did not do anything special or go anywhere. We had cars to fix and get inspected. That ate up any extra money we might of had for a quick getaway. But I learned from that mistake. I will be stashing a little bit of money for a small vacation next year. Its good to get away from home for awhile. Even if it’s just for a few days. But that did not happen this year so I will move ahead.

Welcome Fall!! I’m looking forward to visiting with you.

Until later some fair photos from the Westmoreland County Fair here in PA. Enjoy

These photos are my property. Please do not copy and sell them. If you are interested on any of my photos please contact me at dlstein@gmail.com. with your information. Copyright (Aug 2015) 


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