Teaching an Old Dog New tricks.

In life there is always something new to learn. We are getting G-mail at work as our primary email server. So I figure since I have G-Mail I might as well take a look to see how it works. lol. I have it but use Outlook instead. Hey old things are comfortable and once I learn something I learn it well. IT takes awhile to get into the new fad sometimes.

I have to say that its not too bad this G-Mail thing. Google pretty much figured out how to get all the social media and email stuff all in one convenient place. That I do like.  Also photos are there and much more. So I think I will be using this more and more and phasing out outlook. Maybe. We will see. lol.

Cute thing from the fair. My daughter got me this cute thing. Its actually a deer hoof turned into this little guy. So cute. Kind of creepy. I love it.


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