Summer is over. Back to blogging.

I cant say that this summer has been one of my best. It rained, then it got hot. I had no ambition to craft or do any art. I did clean and make over the front hall in my house. That is the most I did. Sad I know. But seasons change and I did mange finally get into the  groove and make a few things.

I am going to sell on Amazon marketplace!! I’m both scared and excited.  This means I will be making myself a second job. But I will not have to leave home. I get to make stuff. Above is some decorative bottles I created.  I learned Kumihimo braiding also and made a few bracelets. I love this jewelry making technique. I can make so many different things by using just a few techniques combined with a world’s worth of fiber and beads! Plus its portable. I can take it to my Lunch Lady job and work on it while on my break.  I also made some bookmarks awhile. The drawing technique is Zentangle inspired.  I have notice that this is so popular right now everyone is doing it. But the sky’s the limit with this kind of art. I just love it.

I will be letting you know when I put things up for sale at the Amazon handmade market. I hope it will be easier than Etsy. We will see. If nothing else I can start up my Etsy shop again for the Holiday Season. 🙂

Until later Happy Crafting.


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