Welcome to 2015!

Its 2015 and I am late into the month here! Dec flew past so fast that it came and went before I knew it. Here is some things I worked on. 
70’s plastic holly wreath painted a metal color with a fresh bow on it. 

70’s holly garland painted a metal color and looking like new! 
I love spray paint. You can transform almost anything from ugly crappy and gross looking into something that is updated and clean and fresh. I did not get as much done. I have more plastic things to work on. But these two projects looked great in my house this year. 

I have taken up a new skill and learning how to bead. I made these cute spiders. They are practice so I did not put much thought into colors and used what I had on hand. I am going to make more and found on youtube how to make other insects and animals as well! I wish youtube would give out a degree for all the things a person can learn there. lol. 

I made these too. A bracelet, earrings and 2 rings. 

I am teaching a class this month! How to make wind chimes out of items from around the house and recycled items. This one has a canning lid, parts from a computer, nuts and bolts. I painted some of the parts, Because black paint and glitter just makes things look better over all! 
I am also drawing and doing Zentangle too. I got lots of pens for Christmas this year so its cool to have nice colorful pens to use in my work. 
Goals for this year. I need to take my art and sell it. I am thinking of making cards and selling those. But its a thought right now. I hope to build up enough inventory of craft stuff to sell this summer. I been working on that for awhile now. But lately with a cleaner home and a bit of organization I find that I can work on more things. So we will see how much I get made in the next few months. 
Until next time. Make something cool for your home. 


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