Ebay. Craft kits!

I have been dabbling in selling on ebay for awhile now. I have some success and some not so much success. Right now I am trying to find items that I can find pretty easy and sell for a decent profit. I am researching needlepoint kits right now.  Here is what I have for sale right now.



The Candlewick Pillow kit is from 1983. Its called Colonial Cat.

The Cinderella stocking is a felt kit. It has everything you need to create this beautiful stocking. These are great kits for young girls or grandparents or anyone really who wants to create a keep sake gift.

As I said I am researching these kinds of things. I love these kits and wish I had time to work on them myself. I often find them tossed aside and waiting for someone to come along and be excited for a winters project to create and enjoy. If you like these kits just click on the link and head over to ebay and place a bid.

I am currently looking into opening a ebay store. I want to focus on a small group of items to sell. One being the sewing kits since I like those. And I want to have at least 3 different categories to sell in. When I decide on the other two I’ll let you know.

Right now I will be on the hunt for these. From what I am learning its good to know your product. This is something I can do. Will it make me a profit?? Who knows. I am in the research stages right now.

Do you like sewing craft kits like these. Let me know.


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