Etsy shop

 I am setting up shop again over at etsy!! I been thinking on this for awhile and I need to find other ways to make extra money other than ebay. So I did this before with a very small success so I am giving it a try again. Go here to check it out. As of today I have 2 things listed. I need to go through my things and sort them out. I have more vintage items to take good photos of and list. It is going to be a process and work.

Fall has settled in and I have projects on my mind! The goal is to get enough product made up to do a few indoor craft shows next fall in addition to our blacksmith demonstration shows.  I am thinking of a name for my little crafting shop. I will have a variety of items because I get bored just working on one or two kind of things.  I will have kid stuff, jewelry things,  art stuff, and what ever else I can think of.  Leave it to me to have a bunch of things that might not go together and try to make it work. lol. Guess I think life is to short to stick to one thing.


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