Color Pencil, Zentangle inspired project.

I”m working on a little something. I am not sure how it is going to turn out. I may love it or hate it. Its a color pencil/zentangle inspired project or drawing. I feel like an amature at times but I have to let it go and accept my art for what it is. A creation of my own.

I am not sure if I shared this with you before but the sky today is this blue. I am not sure what happens this time of year to make this sky so blue but its a beautiful site. It also reminds me of 9/11 because that day the sky was so blue and in the days after it was blue and oddly still. Yes September reminds me of that dreadful day. It brings back the memories of what happen. The plane in Shanksville flew very close to my house and right over my parents house. It’s chilling to know how close it was and how close it landed to where we live. Its drive about an hour to get to the crash site.

Sorry to go from my project to a sky photo of talking about 9/11 I guess that is where my head is today. Kind of all over the place. If I had photos of my work place I would be posting that too. lol.

All in all I am glad summer is coming to its end and we are starting to settle into the fall season. I love it. I’m inspired, feel more creative and hope to have started a few things I been thinking about.

Dream, craft and do some art why not!


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