Fun, busy crazy weekend.

My weekend kind of started out with a visit with this guy. He is my Garter Snake that lives in my garden. I think he has been around for a few years now. He tends to like to scare me when I pull weeds. Today he was just chilling out on the step. I left him there while I talked on the phone with my sister. Later he did kind of let me touch him. If I did not have a phone in my hand I think I could of picked him up. But I let him be to sun on the warm pavement.

Sat we went to National Pike Steam, Gas and Horse show.  Here is a few photos of what I liked. 

I love old cars and trucks. I am amazed at how small some of the earlier cars was. 

 The flea market was huge! Lots of things you never knew you needed, lots of rusty goodies, and trinkets and pretty things galore.

 This place has the biggest sandbox you would ever want to see and the biggest sand box toys to go with it.

LOL Photo bombed by a good friend of ours!! 

Hubby liked this thing. A grader of sorts. I think deep down he should of been a farmer with a huge income so he could build and play with this kind of stuff. 
At the end of my road I discovered a family of deer. This baby just came toward the car. I had enough time to grab the camera and get his photo! 
This week I have a meeting to go to, help at the fair and hopefully get my fair projects done so they can be entered on Thursday. Plus plan out what I want to start working on next week. 
Have a wonderful Monday! 

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