New Flooring!

My latest home improvement project. This one is another big one. I replaced my dinning room floor. As you can see it was ugly, the tiles was coming up and it was a mess. The only thing to do is lift up all the tiles and put down something new. 

 My husband and I talked for a long time about what we want to do in this room as far as the floor is concern. I knew I did not want carpet. We would of liked to get the lamented wood flooring but it was not at all in our budget. And to all to it we would have to put down plywood to even out the floor to add to the expense. I tossed around the idea of peel and stick floor for a long time. Its not expensive, kind of easy to install and there is a good many choices to pick from. I got mine from Busy Beaver on sale for .39 cents a square foot. I did my little bit over 200 square foot room for around 100.00. Not bad. But it was hard work. Taking up the tiles was ok until one got stuck, then I had to get the pieces out from under the baseboard or pull the board away from the wall so that the tile could get loose. Then there is a weird tar paper on the floor. I did not even consider trying to get that stuff up off the floor I just went with it. I swept and mopped the floor. It smelled bad too. Then I started to peel and stick for 3 days!

 But the end result was pretty nice. I choose the wood look. Its not real wood. It does not appear to pretend to be wood  either. But its clean and its the illusion of a wood like floor. The texture is pretty nice too. I wish I would of written down the name because really for now inexpensive it was I am kind of impressed at how nice these tiles are. Now they do leave a bit of residue from the glue that I had to clean up. But really its not too bad. And compared to what I had before this is a 100% improvement.

Lessons learned you do not have to go for the very best to make improvements in your home. Yes it would be nice to have top of the line stuff or middle of the line. But really sometimes its not in the budget and something needs to be done. This was not all that easy as far as being a quick install. If you had 2 people doing this it would go much faster. If you are not a person who is on the floor all the time your body will take a beating. I took a lot of breaks to get through this. I love that its done and I can move onto something a little less time consuming! I do love looking down and seeing a nice clean floor. 

I could not leave you without a dog photo. Bill was tired one afternoon and decided to take a nap with his head on the pillow. Really he is not spoiled at all. I think he must of been a person in his past life and one who likes to lay on the couch all day and just watch his tv shows.  


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