LA’s Totally Awesome Product review.

I have been on the hunt for a cleaner to clean my tub. I wish I had taken before and after photos to show you. But I did not plan on writing this review.  Truth be told I am cheap I hate paying a lot of money for cleaners that do not work. It just makes me angry to pay any more than 2.00 for something and it does nothing.

I have an old claw foot tub. Its pretty nice over all except throughout the years our well water has left its mark on the tub. Old soap scum and rust stains. I used to buy a cleaner from Arm and Hammer but  for some reason I can not find it anywhere. It was the best too. All I had to do is spray it on the tub let it sit for a little while and rinse. But I can not find it anymore. So I had to find something else.
 Dollar Genera  just was built in my little town. I love that store and its great not having to travel and make a special trip to get to one any more. They have some good cleaning products in the dollar area. Some not so good either but for a buck you get what you pay for sometimes.  I found LA Totally Awesome All Purpose Rust, Lime, Calcium, cleaner.  At first I did not think this would work either. I read the directions and then started the process. I spray this product on the section that has the rust showing from the faucet dripping. At first I just used a rag to scrub the area. Then I saw on the directions you can use a scrub brush and cold water. So I did. I notice a very slight difference. So I tried it again and again. Slowly in the last few days my tub is starting to turn white again! This is not a quick fix quick clean by any means but its working and that is all I care about. Its has a slight odor but not too bad. I think if your tub or sink is not as stained as mine this product would work better. It says you can use it in your coffee maker, on pots and pans, humidifiers and anything you need to clean rust, lime and calcium out of.

For a dollar you get 32 oz of a decent cleaner that will clean those harder to clean areas.


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