Quick I need to catch up.

Just a quick catch up. I finished my large drawing. As soon as I can get  good photo of it I will post it here. I am also working on my dinning room floor. Want to see the ugly before??

Yep pretty much like the before of my living room floor. Gross and ugly. I have most of the tiles pulled up. Just need to move more furniture to get to it. I am also waiting on the rest of the new flooring to come in.  All we can afford or just barley is the peal and stick 12×12 tiles. My daughter and I picked out the wood grain design that kind of looks like hardwood. But its not like hard wood. But it will be clean and new and look so much better than what has been going on and that is all that matters. Life is just too short to hold out on something that you may not get too quickly. That is an expense that we will be saving up for in the near future. Until then I can feel better walking into my house and not be embarrassed.

My hubby and I was set up at the UFO festival in Kecksburg PA. Our little Alien friends was excited to go.

The Mental Health place had a yarn storming in a town close to our home. Its really pretty neat to see how they decorated the street with afghans, scarves, little bits and pieces of crochet and knitted fun stuff. 

I live in Steeler country so of course something had to be covered in Black and Gold. 
I am working on some small project for the fair so I hope to have them done sooner instead of the week before the fair. 
Keep crafting and dreaming and living! 


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