Junk area Challenge, clean up and organization.

Yesterday I had one of those days where I was feeling blue, tired and had no ambition to do anything. I did not want a repeat of that today so I got up, dressed, had my smoothie, did my workout. Cut my hair! Put some make up on and had lunch. So I was looking around thinking what did I need to tackle today. Put the dog out and saw what I had to do.

This is a total disaster area. And stuff just gets tossed back there. Not to mention we had a pipe break 3 times back there this past winter and stuff was just tossed about. 

I had other projects to work on this past few weeks. Or just enjoying the nice summer weather and getting out of the house. But this is a small pay week and I’m forced to stay home more or less. 

This is the catch all room. It looks like a hoarders dream. I found a can of paint for the door and I thought well how about I clean this place up and paint the doors! Toss crap out and organize the space. That is what I am going to do. 
I am going to grab a contractor bag, set aside a empty box for the thrift store and get to work. I hope to get this done today. But just in case I’ll call this a 2 day challenge or project. lol. 
I have to clean up this space in order to work on my next room. I have things in there I need to move to here. 
When one lives in a small house and trying to work on rooms to get them painted and new floors in one has to find room for the clutter in the other rooms! I am finding I need less and less of what I have and more and more is going out the door. 
Its not the prettiest place in the house but it can be much neater. 
Wish me luck. This place is not easy to figure out. 


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