Recycle, art, and a band

 My recycled project for this week sometime or on the weekend. This is a coffee table that was a family members. It was at my dads house and I asked if I can have it. He said yes of course. It was sitting in the basement collecting dust! lol. I hope to transform this into a updated piece this week.

 My baby girl turned 20 yesterday! This is her usual why are you taking my photo look. lol.

 We went to Compass Inn Ligonier on Saturday. Its such a pretty little place. Hubby volunteers as a blacksmith there throughout the fall.  They had a band that was playing so we went to listen for a bit.

 The Neon Swing X-Perience played. They are a good band. Check them out if you are in the area and get the chance.

 I finished some of my art projects. These shoes was fun to do. But I need to wait for the pen ink to dry before putting on the sealer on them. The sealer made some of the design fuzzy. I put sealer on these to help keep the shoes cleaner and seal in the ink. See how well it works before making more.

 This was fun to do. I am thinking of making it a coloring page. I’m not sure because it was a stencil I got off the internet. But I added to it to make it my own?? At any rate I like it. I might just have to draw out my own space ship for a coloring page.

 These are coming along nicely. This is 3 cards out of a package of 8. I want to add them into my craft show projects to sell. I’m not sure if I want to sell them one at a time, in groups of 2,4 and 8 or what. The future plan is to have a gift basket or two made out of these zentangle designs to sell.

That is my weekend pretty much. I have a lot of things to catch up on around the house today and its raining out. So a good time to clean house I think. Also a good time to catch up on youtube video’s, plan out my next art project and get my ebay stuff photographed and listed. So a busy day all in all. If I ever get moving and started.

Later all have a great wonderful day.


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