Day 4

Actually it was a 4 day festival. I think I missed a day in there. lol. The last day the chalk artist did this butterfly. I think it was the best out of the 3 he did this past weekend. If I find his information I’ll post it later.

All in all we had a great time with friends and the people who came to visit. Got us all inspired to work on new projects this winter too.

Yesterday I did have a new project I worked on. Here are the photos

This is my living room. I put in new to me carpet. The neighbor was making a change in their family room and asked if I wanted their carpet! And we need new flooring so badly as you can see in the top photo. So I looked on youtube how to install carpet and the supplies I needed and went to town. Now this job is not done with tacks but I did use double sided carpet tape to stick it down. Its a small room so I think it will work OK. The key to doing this kind of job is a sharp blade in your knife and change it during the project.  Also have a helper. My daughter helped me. I’ma bit sore this morning but its worth it. This room is done! 
Hopefully I can finally get the paint for the kitchen this week.  


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