Good neighbors and carpet!

I have an issue in my house called bad ugly floors. And we just do not have the money right now to replace it. I have been praying about our finances, our home, and what not. My neighbors came up last night and said they are getting new carpeting and if we wanted their old stuff. They have a beautiful home and its well taken care of. So we went down to take a look and its beautiful plush and a neutral color! I get the padding also. It will work in my living room. Now the same neighbors gave us their carpeting years ago from the time before this when they replaced their carpet. lol. I had a sick dog and it got nasty and we ended up tossing it out because it got bad looking, smelled and all that. Now I do not have a sick dog, and not a long hair dog either.  Bill dog is short hair and pretty healthy. 🙂

So a new project in the works.  New youtube channels to look up! I might have to get my dad involved in this one. I want it to look finished this time around too. So I’ll be looking for trim for the doorway area of the floor.

The carpet will go into my living room. And that will make it finished! I’m excited. One room will be done. The summer is not going to be long enough to get all this done!!!

Now if I can find cheap or free flooring for the dining room area I’ll be a happy girl. For now I’m going to talk hubby into just putting down the sub floor and I’ll toss some rugs over it. I just need to have a nice neat clean space. The rest will come along when needed. 🙂

One of my goals is to have the holiday dinners here. Our family has gotten smaller, changed and it makes sense if I started having the dinners here. But I need to get things looking much nicer first. I’m well on my way I think.


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