This project is taking on a life of its own. The top circle I was not loving.  It looked like a mess for awhile and it bothered me. Until I added to it. Now I love it. I love how it looks a bit 3D.

I think I might end up entering this in the fair. As long as I do not mess up a section. lol. So far Its really cool. I’m not sure if its 1st prize material. But it will be fun just to see how it does. The pen and ink category is a hard one to win at. I do like to see my own improvement and hear peoples opinions on the piece. Though these last few year I have improved on my art. Who knows may be one day I’ll might get a job doing it. That would get great. But until then I’ll work at it some more and keep making improvements.

I want to share a Bible verse I read today: It spoke to me so I’m going to share it with you.

Ecclesiastes 1:15.
What is twisted can not be straightened; What is Lacking can not be Counted.

Just how  things are going in my life this was something that stood out to me. But not in the literal way. I think that yes we do mess up in life and stuff gets twisted around and in a mess, sometimes it can not be fixed but its not supposed to be fixed. I think at times we have to leave it and move on.

Although many times when we mess up it can be fixed and straighten out. So it can be fixed or done over. Most times it does not turn out how you originally pictured it.

 Have a good one.


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