A big new doodle in progress and kitchen stuff.

 I been getting into the Zentangle or Doodles lately. Its just so much fun. I was thinking I will want to enter something into the fair again this year. So I started on a larger doodle. This is just the beginnings. I’m not sure how this will go. I never worked on something this large before. So I’ll see how it goes.

A small kitchen project. How to clean a cookie sheet that has so much build up that no SOS pad will get through it. Its well loved and used. I wanted it to look better.

The whole thing pretty much looked like this. Gross dirty and hard to get off. I did some research and found that for Pyrex pans you can use oven cleaner. It worked for my pan so why not this.  So I had this.

Cheap Walmart oven cleaner. 
Spray it on and let it sit. 

 Its starting to look better but that stuff it baked on good.

This is better. Not done yet with it. Still going to try to get the rest of that off of there and the back yet. Then I will see if I can shine this up again and put it back to use. Its a good heavy pan. I love it. And if you do try this make sure you wash your pans very very very well with soap and water. Or run them through the dishwasher after you wash off the oven cleaner. 

Why I decided to try this is because I did try the vinegar and baking soda ways first and it did nothing. So I tried this. Not my first choice but its working. Same with my Pyrex the baking soda and vinegar way did not cut though the grease.

I wanted to show you a before of my kitchen. Please excuse the mess I did not clean up yet this morning.

Its a pretty big kitchen. Yes I need to fix a drawer. I may keep the rooster plates too. I like them. But I want to add more artwork to the walls as well. See what I come up with.  It will be in the way of my artwork, my daughters artwork and photos. 
Tomorrow I will purchase paint, brushes and new rollers. And make the final decision on the color. 
I am looking up ways to paint the cabinets. I found a few kits that look promising but it will take time to do all the steps. But the end results look very nice. Also might do my counter tops as well. But that will be later this summer I think. Or this fall. See how things go. Either way its cheaper than replacing these things.  
Have a great day. 


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