New doodle, garden stuff.

I am not sure about this doodle, mix media thing. While searching the internet I was inspired by several artist to redo a old painting or half done piece of work. I had this sitting around. The middle was not done. And the orange was a practice of how to do flames. I”m not sure about how those turned out. This piece was just craft paints on a 11×14 flat canvas you can find at Walmart in a package of 3 I think. I used Sharpie marker, and another generic black marker to create the doodles. It was kind of fun to do. I might see if I can put a sealer on it and stick it in a frame. 

I love these flowers. They always come up each year so nicely. They are full and very yellow. 

These purple flowers do look nicer but I weeded the garden and I think I must of stepped on them. And now looking at this photo I think I need to go and pull more weeds.  

These guys are not in bloom yet but very close. 
On the weekends I decided I will work on my gardens. During the week I”ll work on the inside of my house. Oh so much to do and so little time! 
I did get a new to me lawn tractor!! Our Farmall Cub is not working right for some reason and our grass has looked very bad so far this summer. We even had the neighbor boy come down and cut it. My dad found me a tractor and it came home last night. Kind of an early Christmas gift? I’m just happy I have something I can drive and mow with now. I do not have to wait for hubby to tidy up the yard anymore! He can focus on cutting down some small trees, and clean up his huge scrap mess and fix his truck. 🙂 
My daughter and I went dumpster diving last night. Shh do not judge me. lol. We did find these things. 🙂 We also look for bugs. Kind of hobby entomologist too. I figure while we are out lurking behind stores in search of big moths why not take a peek into the dumpsters as well. We found some new places to find bugs for one. And got a good smelling candle too! 
Until next time. Have a wonderful day. 


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