Doodles and making up my mind

Here is my Doodle in purple and black.  I tried putting in a tree trunk and then thinking the tree will branch out into a explosion of doodles. Then I thought I would add circles. For this week I want to learn how to draw trees better. I do like parts of this. I might take the parts I like and use them for another drawing. See what happens in the next few days. Could be that this is it for now and I’ll move onto something else.

What I am trying to make up my mind over is what to do with my kitchen. Now that I have it all nice and cleaned out for the most part. I want to paint. And I mean paint everything! Cabinets, walls, radiator, door and a little free standing cabinet. It is so hard to decide on what color. I am going back and forth between white or a brown color for the cabinets.  Yesterday I was thinking a brown now today I am thinking about white. And there is prep involved. I hate prep work. If I could find someone who loves to prep things I would be in heaven. So Im researching how to do this big job with as little prep work as possible.

I also want to do this for as little money as possible. I mean less than 100.00 closer to  50.00. Yea I am not kidding. But thinking after getting primer, or paint with primer that is 40.00 right there. Just for the cabinets. I do not have many. There is 15 doors and 9 drawers. I am going to put handles on my doors also. I have ones that was never used for this kitchen. They have been sitting in a bag in the cabinet for years now. I figure I can paint them to update them at least.

Most important is the wall color. I said I was leaning toward orange. I have been thinking about this also. I thought it might be too much since I have red chairs. I also like my blue table cloth. But I think if I get a lighter shade of orange it will work just fine.

I want a brighter kitchen over all. And one that looks clean. Not an easy thing to keep up with in this house. I think I will start on this tomorrow and I’ll see how long it takes me to finish. Might take at least a week or almost two weeks.

So I’ll have before and after shots for you. I might might and thinking about this also. I might do a video. I’m scared. I do not like myself on video or like my voice. But I might have to just get over it. Video’s are fun to watch. I wonder if they are fun to make as well.

Off to make up my mind on this project. Have a good one.


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