Day 6!! And I did it!

I made it to day 6 of my challenge.  It was not as hard as I thought and I was happy to get rid of a bunch of stuff that I did not need any more. A lot went to the thrift store today.

To finish off my challenge I cleaned out the drawers.  There are 4 of them and they hold my kitchen towels and an assortment of kitchen tools.


I got to talking to a friend on the phone and forgot the before photos. But here is most of the stuff up on the counter. There are a lot of towels, pot holders and dish rags there. I tossed out a good bit that was stained or looked bad. I kept telling myself that if I did not love it and it looked bad then out it goes. And I found I still had a lot of nice useable things left. And room to buy some pretty new towels and pot holder now! 
Towels are nice and neat 

I added a utensil organizer I had laying around. Cookie cutters in a ziplock baggie. Whisks hanging out on the side there.  I got rid a good bit from inside this drawer. 

Pot holder and some more towels. I had a lot of towels. 

Place mats and bigger pot holders. 
All in all its been great to declutter the kitchen this week. It was hard to not go out and buy something to stick in these places to add organization. But really I realize that I did not need them anyways. There was times that I simply had to get rid of what I do not use to make a big difference. 
I did clean out the refrigerator also. I like that there is hardly anything in there now. 
I’m pretty much ready to paint in there next week. Hopefully the humidity will be low. 
Fix the tiles in the floor and I can call another room in my house done. I did my living room last year and its been nice to be able to clean it up in 15 min or so.  Other than finishing my bathroom that room is pretty easy to clean up as well.  
I also manage to finish a little doodle this week. My stress relief as of late. 
With all the getting rid of the clutter. I am finding that I might have more time to work on my art! Something I been wanting to accomplish for a long time now.  
I will start a doodle in purple now. lol. Because I feel like it and I can. 
Have good week. I’ll update when I finish my kitchen! 


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