Day 5 and we are almost done!

Yesterday I tackled the worst cupboard in the kitchen. Its a black hole that stuff gets lost in. Its deep, dark and useless space. I took stock in what was in there, was honest about what I will use, don’t use. I got rid of clutter.


 I started to take things out and forgot to take a photo. This is some of what was in there.

This goes all the way back. Its too dark to even take a photo. And stuff was just falling out of there. It was a sad sad mess. 
This bowl I had from another cupboard. I needed something to stick these table cloths into. I might move them or break down and buy something to put them in. For now this works. It just slides back into the side there. 

The top shelf I put this box from Aldis. It has some canning jars in it. The box works because its cut off on the top and front there. I just slide it in and out. Not pretty but no one see it anyways. I can pretty it up later with wrapping paper or contact paper if I want. Also its hard to see but there is a basket from an old freezer or something. It was nice and long. I have my blender in there and 2 very small crock pots. So I can slide that out when I want them. They stick together easier in there.

Sorry for the blurry shot here. I do not have things going into the depths of this cupboard. Stuff just gets lost and forgotten about. I do have a big box of my husbands splenda there, a apple peeler, the bottom box has a few short canning jars and the top box has foil, wax paper and freezer paper that is too long to put elsewhere. 
I’m going through the last of my drawers and I’m pretty much done with the no money challenge! I made it to today and I”m happy. I do have my refrigerator to clean out and organize as well. I already know I want to purchase a few container for in there. So I did not include it in this challenge. 
I was busy yesterday. I also cleaned up my bathroom cabinet.  I end up doing this every other month or so. It just gets messed up. I have a lot of stuff in there. But here is what it looks like after I get it straighten up and cleaned out. 
Its a very small cabinet. I’m looking for a bigger one but this one will do until one comes my way that I like and can afford or make over. There is a lot of stuff in there we use but its a bit more orderly now. The clear square containers are DVD holders. I’m not sure where I got them. Probably either Walmart, Dollar General or Dollar Tree. It was years ago. The blue round containers I got from the Dollar Tree. I have razors in one. 

I wanted to show you this pan I am using. Its a square baking pan. I picked this up at a yard sale when I was baking more. I bought news ones that I kept and this was in the pile of stuff to reuse. It holds about 7 of those Dial hand soaps and there is also 4 deodorants in there. I coupon and stock up. So this way I can see what I have and I know I do not need to buy this stuff for a few months at least. I also have almost a years worth of shampoo stocked up as well. Its nice not to have to worry about purchasing that kind of stuff for full price. 
One more day and that is it for the Kitchen challenge.
As you can see in the bottom bathroom photo I need to paint these shelves or get contact paper. They are a mess. I wiped them down but still its old in there. Old stuff just looks not so nice at times. Until tomorrow have a great day. 

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