Day 4!! And doing well.

Day 4 and another cupboard cleaned out and organized!  I have decluttered before but I am finding this time around to be so satisfying.  I am trying hard to be honest with myself about what I am keeping and what I use and do not use. Also I found I do not need as many containers to organize in as I thought I would need. I had no urge to run out and purchase a basket or anything this week. In fact I have 2 box’s full of things I can use as baskets, make into small holders, bowls ect. I might use them somewhere else around the house. Or donate them, or toss out the small box’s or use them as an art project. I have not decided yet.

Ok onto the before photo

I do not like this cupboard. Its in the corner. Things get lost in the back. Nothing fits in there nicely. I’m not even sure if I put food in there with a lazy susan that it would work better. Its just a black hole of cupboards.  See its a mess.


Its much better now. I went though and got rid of miss matched bowls and lids, small bowls that did not work well for me, odd sticky things. The top shelf is going to be a problem. I put all the travel cups and mugs up there. I only had one basket that would fit any. The rest are just hanging out up there. I might have to break down and get something for those. But for now they can stay up there basketless. 
Two maybe 3 more days to go. Friday is my shopping day so I may or may not include it in this weeks challenge.  I might just go through an extra cupboard instead. 
I did make up my mind that I am going to paint the kitchen next week. I have been thinking orange would be a nice color for the kitchen. Its been on my mind for a long time. And I need to replace some tiles on the floor too. And see if hubby can fix a small hole in the floor as  well. 
One reward to all this cleaning and organizing is that its a snap to bake something now and clean up. I made a cake yesterday!! It was enjoyable because I was not working around a big mess. And it took seconds to clean up. 
Until tomorrow. 


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