Day 3. Another empty space!

I’m doing one cupboard at a time in my kitchen. First it does not take as long each day to do this. And I’m getting a daily reward from each clean space. I have found a home for some of the pots I do not need.  I also saw how to clean my pyrex cake pan! 

I have a few pieces of Pyrex. They was wedding gifts from 24 years ago. They have been though a lot of used in that time and still going strong. But they do not look so nice any more. So I Googled how to clean it. I found things I tried before. Stuff like baking soda, vinegar, sos pads. None of that worked for me. Then I saw something I did not think about using before. Although not my first choice. But it was worth a try. People use oven cleaner. Yes Oven Cleaner. I thought I do clean my oven with it. hmmm. So I tried it. If anything happen I’ll just toss it out. eeek. And it worked! And fast. Just sprayed a little on the pan and let sit for 15-30 min and wipe off. Do use rubber gloves so you do not burn your hands. Oven cleaner will sting your hands. I know from experience.  Back to the pan. After you wipe off the cleaner then wash the pan off very very well with soap and water. The results is a sparkling clean pan that looks like new.  
OK onto the cupboard.  Here is the before. A mess. 

I did get ahead of myself and started to clean out the stuff before taking a photo. The stuff on the bottom photo was in the cupboard.  In that pile and the stuff up in there I found expired spices, a bag of expired sugar substitute, stale stuff. I put my garbage can near and started to toss that stuff out! It felt good too.  
Here is the after: 

I only used 2 shelves! I sorted through the pans and got them out of there. I might use them for another purpose. But I do not bake like I used to so out they went. I used canning jars to store pop corn, powdered sugar, and cornstarch.  I might look for a little bigger container but these quart sized ones was good for what I had. And they was FREE! No money spent. The second photo is a container that fits on the door. I got this a long time ago. It has sticky stuff on the back and has stuck there for a long time. I have Taco seasoning in it right now. I think I might add one or two more of these containers to hold small packets. See what I can find later down the road. Right now I do not really need them. The third photo is the top shelf! It is empty! Nothing there. Totally bare! I like it. I may put something there. Who knows. But for now its a beautiful site to see no clutter up there. 
I have 2 more cupboards to go through yet, and 4 drawers. I want to see how I can store my kitchen towels better. I have them in 2 drawers right now. So I hope to figure out a better way to store them.  I have accumulated a lot of big plastic cups too.  So they will go into the thrift pile. 
Oh here is the pile of things I can use to organize stuff.  I figure I”ll put any useful things in a pile and when I need something to organize with I go there first. So not to feel the need to spend money this week. So far its working. 
There is quite of an assortment of things there. Some need a little bit of work to pretty them up like the box’s and bowls and pans. Some of this stuff will make its way into the garbage if I do not use it. Some I”ll save for other area’s of the house. Some might go to the thrift store. 
On to Day 4! So far so good on spending no money. 

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