Day 2, bottom cabinet.

Its amazing the things we keep in our kitchen cabinets and how much get pushed to the back and is long forgotten about until we decide to go in there and clean it out.

Here is the before.

In there is various bottles of liquor, cat shampoo, bug spray, mixer, pizzelle maker, ancient home made wine that taste more like hooch than good wine, and a bunch of small junk stuff.

I dumped the hooch. We do not drink it. Really unless you was desperate for a drink this stuff it not pleasant to drink. My mother in law made it many moons ago. She died 7 years ago. I think its time to let it go. My drains are happy at the moment and probably well cleaned out. I tossed out old shampoos, tick and flea stuff, bug sprays and odds and ends.  I kept the liquor, mixer, and pizzelle maker and a small crock pot.

What was left was room. Lots of room!!!  I was able to take my large crock pot off the counter and it fit right into the empty space.

Here is the after.

Sorry for the blurry photo. But I think you get the idea. 
I did reuse a small wooden bowl for some small things. But other than that all I did was clean out the clutter. There was a few dollar store bowls tucked in there. I added them to my organizing container pile to be used for something else. I really do not use them for chips and stuff. And they are a dollar they can be replaced if needed. 
Today I’m tacking the cabinet above this one. I have baking stuff in there, baking pans, pet treats. Who knows what else. I saw how to use mason jars for storage. I have some I might be able to put to use!!! 
The result of this latest decluttering is that my counter top is cleaner also!! I’m thinking that I might paint my kitchen next week. Now that its starting to look declutter and nice again. A fresh coat of paint would make it feel like new again. 🙂 
On to Day 3. See you tomorrow. 


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