Day 1 and 2 junk drawers

Yesterday I started my week of organizing my kitchen with no money and use only what I have around the house to organize my stuff.  Since this is a short pay week for us I have no extra money to use toward even dollar store containers. And I also have lots of recyclable items from around the house to use instead. So I challenged myself to organize the rest of the cabinets with no money. 

I did start with my pots and pans cabinet.  I asked myself if I used some of the pots in there and the answer was no. I had my favorites and I do not cook much anymore so I was able to get rid of quite a few small pots. And it made room for what I do use! And now I can  find it too. 
The no money challenge started with 2 junk drawers.  Here is the before. 

These are pretty much like anyone else’s junk drawers. A mess and there was things in there that have not seen the light of day in years. I hardly ever go in there in search of stuff. 
This is what I had to organize this space. 

A container from some sweet rolls, a tea light box and some silver paper. The paper I did not really care for after I tried to wrap the box’s in it. I did toss what was left.  
Next time I will spray paint or decoupage the containers. I’m not thrilled with the results of this. But no one is going to see them anyways so in the drawer they went. ( I could do nothing with them but that is no fun and it’s nice to see something pretty peeking out of the drawer when you do open it) 
When I was done I had one empty drawer and one organized drawer. 

As you can see in the top photo everything has a place. I can find what I need now. I discovered that I had batteries I could never find. Also a few odds and ends that got lost and now I can see them when I need them. The bonus is the bottom photo. A empty drawer!!! I”m not sure if I will use it or not. For now I’m enjoying that there is nothing in there. 
Later today I’ll be tackling the cabinet below these drawers.  I suspect there will be a lot of things going into the garbage, or on ebay or to the Thrift store or to work.  
As I go through my house I”m collecting recyclable items to use and I put them in a box on my kitchen table so I can see it. That way when I need a small container I can shop in my box first. At least for this week. lol. I know I’ll be visiting Dollar Tree our next 2 paycheck week. lol. But I also have a budget too so I do not get too carried away. I want some plastic containers for in my refrigerator and pantry. But I can wait a little longer for them. For now I have a lot of things I can use that I do not need to spend money on. 
Until tomorrow. Happy Fathers Day!! 

One thought on “Day 1 and 2 junk drawers

  1. Hi Dream Craft

    Well done with this tidy up! I am relating. RUDE Girl just cleaned up my make-up/medication/travel bags x2. I found some little bags on the free table at a charity shop, to put things into, to keep them categorized. I have been getting RUDE Boy to cut down 2 litre plastic milk containers for storing bits and bobs into. You do not need to spend on storage, it’s all around if you repurpose stuff. Beat The Man!


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