Summer cleanup 2014!

After a long year in 2013 and not getting a whole lot done. My mom was sick and had brain cancer and she passed away Dec 26, 2013. Needless to say we do miss her. And the whole year last year was spent worrying about her and from Oct to Dec we spend those months helping dad take care of her. So what happens when you take care of a loved one and you are messy, unorganized and do not have a cleaning system?? Your home takes on a life of its own.

My full time job is working as a lunch lady at our local school. That means I’m off all summer long. Three months of no work, collecting unemployment and finding stuff to keep myself busy. hahaha as if I have to look hard to keep busy. Every year I declare I will clean up the house! Most times I do. But this year is a bit different. Not only do I want to get things cleaned up I want to clean out get rid of and do away with this stuff we do not use or need.

I started in my kitchen, and bedroom. Before I decided to blog about this I cleaned out and organized my pots and pans cabinet.  Below is the after photo. Sorry I did not get a before. Lets just say it was a jumble mess.

The plastic baskets came from the Dollar Tree! I used a rack from an old freezer we used to have. And the cardboard box I had laying around. I think I will find baskets to replace the box but for now this works for holding my ice cream maker and air popper popcorn machine. The blue basket holds my lids and the white basket holds my food processor and its parts. I have flower, tupperware picture  in between and pans and pots.
As I was weeding my garden and taking small breaks here and there I was going through my pinterest board of Misc organization. Also found a blogger who make a drawer organizer out of cereal boxes.  That gave me an idea. This week I am going to challenge myself to finish organizing the kitchen without spending any money.  For one I’m short on money this week, two I need to keep busy and 3 my cabinets are a total mess. I’m going to take before and after photos for you and lets see how well I do. I know myself well enough that I will be tempted to run to the dollar store for more baskets and things to use. But I will do my very best to use what I have around the house first. Lord knows I have enough Junk that I should be able to reuse it and be productive with it. 
Who’s up for the challenge! One week, organize the kitchen, no money spent.  


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