Selling my art!

I am doing some research and trying out different ways to sell my art.  I have a few things listed on Red dlstein67. at the moment. So far the reviews of the site is good so I hope to sell a few things here soon. Also I just found out about I”m going to work on adding some stuff there also. I just signed up I”ll let you know when I have something to show you.

Also I’m looking up the best ways to sell my art. I am finding out there is a lot of people selling their art, and not all of them are good artists. I”m very surprised at the quality of some of these peoples art and the fact that people buy it! Which is good all around. Art is what you find beautiful right? I have hope that what I do and make will also catch someone’s eye and I’ll be able to join other artist in making money off of what I make. A girls dream!

Here is a little something for you to see today.
Looking forward to summer, car shows, festivals and all that good stuff.  A great time to get some good photographs as well! I”m excited to get out and about with my camera again. 🙂


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