Spring, new art, and reading

These are two things I worked on this weekend. Both are from the same water color back ground I created. The Hebrews verse I just scanned the back ground then digitally added roses and the verse. I think it came out pretty. The first one I added the jelly fish and doodles to the original back ground. Its kind of neat I think. I decided to load both up on my Redbubble account. Please feel free to take a look. 

I am trying hard to keep up with my reading as well. My grandmother gave me “A Very Nascar Holiday” by Nancy Warren, Debra Webb and Gina Wilkins. Wow 3 people to write a romance book. hmm. I included a link just in case you would like to read it too. I see they have a Kindle edition as well. 
The other book is Collage Playground by Kimberly Jantiago. I just provided the link again if you want to purchase this. Looks like there is plenty available to choose from.  
The knitting is not going so fast. I’m a very slow knitter. So I may have something in a few months to show you. lol. Yes I”m that slow. 
I have finished my first project for my sale’s table. I just took some glass candles that was used up and decoupaged old book papers to them. A little tea light or one of those battery operated lights will go in them. I think they are cute, kind of nerdy, and steampunkish looking. Once I finish up what I have I’ll show them to you before they go into the sale box.


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