Using up the craft supplies

This is a year I hope to have my house clutter cleaned out. I want to set up at craft shows and other shows and in order to create I need a clean space in which to do this. So far my crafting,ebay, office space is cluttered and a mess. I have a lot of craft supplies I need to use up too. Make room for new things down the road.

I have picked up my knitting needles and I’m looking for small projects to work on. Baby booties, cup cozy’s, small stuffed animals, slippers, dish cloths and things like that. I like quick small projects that do not take much time to complete. I found that my attention span is not very long these days. I need quick satisfaction. Plus I want new pretty yarn. So I need to use up what I have or donate it. I”m going to try to use it up and sell things. I need the extra cash to pay bills so why not forge ahead and use what I have. Its still nice stuff. Just been hanging around here for way to long.

I have a list of things I want to make this year. I hope I have time to get to half of them.

I also hope to get this blog going as well. So far its a little sad. I need to make plans to pretty things up and get it going. Another thing is I”m going to learn to blog, ebay and craft my heart out.


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