Using my education to find my dream

I had a dream of becoming a graphic designer. But that dream was cut short by 10 classes when I messed up and did not pay close enough attention to what was happening to my financial aid. I attended the Pittsburgh Art Institute online division. All you need to do is look up student loans and privet colleges to find out that what I thought I was signing up was not the case at all. Here I am with a load a debt no degree and finding a way to pay off the loads and still find my dream.

I got to thinking that while I’m quite upset over my current situation I can not say I am not partly to blame. I am an adult and I should of looked further into it before signing myself up for it. In hind site if I had known or paid attention to how student loans, and all this works I might of reconsidered this as an option. But I plunged in and well here I am with almost a graphic design degree. So what is a 45 year old to do?? Give up? Nope move on and do something with what I did learn. So here I am with a little bit of skill, a love for art and crafts. And looking and figuring out ways to show case what I make.


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